UHN Global Practice Initiative: James Bay Project

Expanding our possibilities in global nursing is the premise of the James Bay Project. UHN is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with remote nursing hospital organizations such as Weeneebayko Health Ahtuskaywin (Moose Factory), and James Bay General Hospital (Moosinee, Fort Albany and Attawapiskat sites) to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange in the areas of professional development, mentorship of nurses, e-learning and career path planning.

UHN nursing staff will be fully supported to experience 4 weeks working in the remote north and nurses who work in the remote north will be fully supported to work at UHN. This exciting initiative has been funded for one year through the Ontario Ministry of Health as a health human resources demonstration project. The goals of this project are to recruit new nurses to the communities of practice as well as expand the possibilities of global practice and learning across geographic settings.