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What is a "population-based" approach to health?
A population-based approach to health identifies groups within the community who share common health needs. Programs and services are designed to meet the specific needs of these groups, so that many people can benefit at once.

To identify the needs of different groups, program coordinators look at social and economic factors, called health determinants. These factors can increase or decrease a person's chances for good health in several ways. Factors like age, income, language and education can make it difficult for some people to get to health-care centres, understand how the system works and/or afford special services.

Population-based approaches target these health determinants with programs and services, such as public information centres, support groups and outreach services.

UHN's Medical and Community Care Program (MCC)
At UHN, our MCC program includes seven program elements based on two population groupings:

1) Geography: Helping groups in the local community;
2) Emerging health needs: Helping groups who share a growing health need.

Ready to respond to a broad range of health needs, our diverse team includes professionals from many health-care specialties. Physicians, nurses, primary care nurse practitioners, social workers, pharmacists, psychologists, multicultural health specialists, and many others contribute their expertise to the MCC Program.

Committed to strengthening communities from within, we link with community agencies whenever possible and encourage the active participation of the groups we aim to assist.

MCC Care Areas

Connecting with the community to adapt to changing needs
As the population changes, so does the MCC Program. For example, right now, our energies are focused on matching programs and services to several emerging health trends.

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