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Child and Adolescent Health

What does child and adolescent health involve?
One of the most important issues in child and adolescent health is the early detection of communication and development disorders — disorders that make it hard for children to interact with others through language and behaviour.

It is important to reach children with development problems at the earliest age possible. Treatment and therapy can greatly improve a child’s ability to cope with disorders such as autism and other communication problems. Specialists can help children with language and behaviour therapies designed to improve daily interactions and activities.

UHN’s Child & Adolescent Health Care Area
Our child and adolescent health care area focuses on assessing and treating developmental problems in children. We provide services to children with developmental needs related to autism and other disorders on the spectrum for communication.

With links to mental health services at UHN and in the community, we are able to provide many services through outreach programs at schools and daycares. These outreach programs allow us to identify children in our community who may be at risk for these communication and development problems.


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