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Mental Health and Addictions

Emotional, psychological and mental well being are key components contributing to overall health. When mental health is affected by difficult situations or events or by persistent long-term mental illnesses, individuals may require treatment in order to get back to their everyday activities and relationships.

UHN’s Mental Health and Addiction Care Area
Our multidisciplinary team provides services to help a wide spectrum of patients, from those coping with an individual crisis, such as a loss or trauma, to those dealing with serious, persistent mental illness, such as schizophrenia. We also provide assistance to individuals with substance use and addictions issues.

Mental health services

    • Eating disorders treatment - inpatient beds, daycare and outpatient program
    • Inpatient unit, with beds for acute psychiatric patients, general psychiatric patients and geriatric psychiatric patients
    • Emergency psychiatry services - crisis team, urgent care clinic, emergency psychiatric assessment unit
    • Family Support Program - provides Portuguese, Spanish and Italian language specific support to families living with mentally ill relatives
    • Impact Program - assertive community treatment team, providing outreach and support to patients with serious, persistent mental illness
    • Community Mental Health Program - multicultural mental health care in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian; community consultation; and psychosocial rehabilitation are provided to patients who are referred by their family physicians
    • Asian Initiative in Mental Health Program - consultation, assessment and treatment for Chinese speaking patients, including Cantonese and Mandarin
    • Portuguese Mental Health & Addictions Program - providing combined mental health and addiction assessment and treatment to Portuguese-speaking Ontarians
    • Consultation liaison - providing consultation and assistance to other units in the hospital

Addictions services

  • Acupuncture for addictions - treatment proven to target cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Outpatient aftercare - providing assessment and treatment for people who need support in dealing with substance use issues — available in several languages
  • Withdrawal Management Service - two centres located offsite — one for women, and one for men seeking assistance with addictions

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