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Seniors' Health

Seniors’ health issues are complex because many elderly patients are coping with more than one health concern at once. In addition to physical issues, a seniors’ health focus also takes into consideration the unique financial, social and psychological challenges individuals may be facing.

UHN’s Seniors’ Health Program Care Area
Our programs and services meet seniors’ needs with clinical and educational programs offered from UHN sites and through outreach programs in the community.

Consultation is provided to elderly patients requiring close multidisciplinary geriatric medical attention at both Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto General Hospital. As well, there is an inpatient unit located at the Toronto General Hospital.

To help patients regain independence, physical ability or psychological well-being, physicians may refer seniors to the Geriatric Rehabilitation Program at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. The program provides individualized treatment plans to address patients’ specific physical, social, and psychological challenges. Our geriatric program at UHN and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute is an integral part of the Toronto Regional Geriatric Program.

Helping seniors establish and maintain healthy lifestyles
The Seniors’ Health element also aims to help seniors manage day-to-day health concerns, such as nutrition or chronic health issues, such as diabetes. Working collaboratively with UHN’s inpatient and outpatient programs and with community partners, the Healthy Living Centre at Toronto Western Hospital provides four key programs of special interest to the aging population:

Seniors’ Wellness Clinic
Diabetes Education Centre
Pain Management Program
Community Osteo-Arthritis Management Program

To assist seniors in our diverse community, these programs are designed for the specific needs of different cultural groups and are offered in a variety of languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English. We also try to make it easier for seniors to access health services, by taking our services to seniors in neighbourhoods and communities.

For more information on Senior's Health at UHN, visit our
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