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What does women's health involve?
Research, education, policy development, and programming are advancing our understanding of women's health and helping us better meet women's health needs. A strong women's health program provides greater knowledge, greater access to information and services--and helps ensure that women receive appropriate health care. On a wider level, stronger women's health also promotes greater health for families and communities.

UHN’s Women’s Health Program
Our women's health program fosters collaboration between researchers, health care professionals, educators, program managers, policy makers and women in the community.

The program is a UHN-wide initiative, and each of the three UHN sites has a special focus: Toronto General Hospital focuses on research, policy, education, and clinical studies in osteoporosis and women's mental health; PMH focuses on information, decision-making and quality of life issues in cancer care; and Toronto Western Hospital focuses on addressing women's health needs through community programs, with the Women's Health in the Community Program.

Our program’s interdisciplinary team is engaged in a wide variety of activities:

Research: We study diseases and conditions that have a significant impact on women's health, such as osteoporosis, menopause, heart and stroke conditions, mental health and sexual health. We also study community determinants of health--factors such as housing, employment and language that can affect women's health and the health of their families.

Education: We offer seminars and educational materials to help disseminate new information and knowledge to physicians, patients, and the community.

Policy Development: We assist local, provincial, national and international governments and agencies to develop women's health policies.

Services: We provide hospital and community services to promote women's health, by making services and programs easier for women in the community to access.

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