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Rehabilitation Solutions

What is Rehabilitation Solutions?
The Rehabilitation Solutions care area helps patients who suffered an injury several months or years ago. Often, these patients have already had some rehabilitation and require further help in order to participate in everyday activities. The goal of rehabilitation solutions is to help patients better understand and cope with their injuries and return to work if possible.

UHN’s Rehabilitation Solutions Care Area
Our care area provides services to patients referred by Worker’s Safety and Insurance Board, Life and Auto Insurance companies and other employers. Together with Trillium Health Centre and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, we provide clinical programs including functional restoration, outpatient physiotherapy and assessment.

Our key programs include:

Hand and Upper Extremity Program - Assessment and treatment services for patients with complex work-related hand and upper extremity injuries.

Functional Restoration Program - Assessment and treatment services to help injured workers who are coping with disabling pain that affects their work, family and self-care roles.

Customized Functional Restoration Program - An individualized pain management program designed to meet the client’s individual needs.

Neurology Program - In conjunction with Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, providing services (such as diagnostic imaging, neurology, orthopaedics, speech pathology and others) to augment their Head Injury Assessment Clinic.

Outpatient Physiotherapy Services - Providing physiotherapy specially geared towards orthopaedic and rheumatologic patients who are coping with soft tissue injuries, back and neck pain, post-surgery management, arthritic conditions and other issues.

Assessment and Consultation Programs - Multidisciplinary assessment services for injured workers (within one year of their injury).

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