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"I had surgery and the team was amazing. I couldn't be more impressed." - UHN Patient

What is Surgical and Critical Care?
Our SCC program provides expert care to patients with advanced organ-based conditions (for example kidney failure, lung disease, and digestive conditions), as well as diseases like HIV, hepatitis and diabetes. Patients are often referred to our program if other treatments have not been successful. Our multidisciplinary team helps assess the diagnosis and decide what the best treatment options are, looking to both established and experimental methods. Through research in our laboratories and clinical studies, we are able to bring innovative therapies to patients.

UHN's Surgical Program is one of the largest in Canada, and is comprised of 29 staffed operating rooms, with our surgical teams performing more than 25,000 surgeries a year. We offer varied surgical services, including: cardiac, oncology, neuro, orthopaedics, spine, vascular, general, plastics, thoracic, transplant, otolaryngology and opthamology. Our surgeons have advanced training in their specialties and perform some of the most technicially difficult surgeries anywhere. Established surgeons and surgical trainees from around the world visit our operating rooms to learn more about the way we care for our patients. Our surgeons work with a multidisciplinary team including nurses, prosthetics experts, physical therapists, ocupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, nutritionists and dieticians to offer the best care and clinical results for our patients.

UHN's intensive care units provide support to the medical and surgical services at two sites: the General and Western. The focus is on solid organ transplantation (lung, liver, intestine), thoracic, vascular, neuro and cardiac surgeries, orthopaedics, general surgery and general internal medicine. Both sites have some of the most complex cases in the country. TGH is one of the few programs in Canada that provides external life-sustaining support for patients with lung and liver diseases via the Novalung and MARS. In addition to providing consultations in critical care, there is an ICU outreach program at each site, providing support to discharged ICU patients, and assisting other healthcare providers with patients outside the ICU who show signs of instability. The outreach team also provides support to patients' families.     

SCC Care Areas

Meeting new challenges with expertise and innovation
Combining research and patient care, we strive to improve patients' health and quality of life as much as possible. Key successes include:

  • Groundbreaking research in nighttime dialysis treatments for patients with kidney failure
  • International recognition for advances in the treatment of hepatitis B and C
  • Development of new therapies for interstitial lung diseases


Programs are also expanding for patients who are coping with disabilities or complications after treatment for cancer or transplantation. For example, a patient treated for cancer may be coping with a damaged liver, or a heart transplant patient may be coping with renal failure. Whatever the challenge, the AMS team sees each patient as a new opportunity to learn and help.

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