Pain Management

Assessing And Managing Your Pain

"Your interest in getting me here quickly so that I could deal with and get rid of the pain was more than just appreciated" - UHN Patient

What is Pain?
University Health Network supports the belief that pain is “Whatever the patients says it is. Pain occurs whenever the patient says it does”.

A technical definition for pain: An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage or both.

Pain Management at UHN
At University Health Network, managing your pain is important to us. When we care for you, we respect your choices and support your participation in making decision about your care. Managing your pain takes teamwork. We are all responsible to help you manage your pain – you, your family and your entire healthcare team.

Your healthcare team at UHN uses the hospital’s Pain Principles and Standards to assess and manage pain. We use these Principles and Standards along with your wishes and your family’s wishes to guide your pain management plan.

How Can You Help Us to Manage Your Pain?
We want you to be satisfied with your pain control. Tell your healthcare team about your pain. Let them know how it feels. Let them know if your pain medications are working. If they aren’t working, ask your healthcare team about different ways to manage your pain.

It’s important to use your pain medication. Then you will be able to do the activities that will help you to recover. With less pain you will do better after surgery. You’ll be able to walk sooner, do your deep breathing exercises, your sense of well-being will improve and you’ll be helping your body to heal faster. Communicate with your healthcare team about your pain.

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Image:  Pain is not a Game!

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