Pain Management

Our Principles and Standards

At UHN, our Pain Principles and Standards provide direction to the UHN healthcare team on assessing and managing pain, including prevention of pain wherever possible. We take into account patient and family wishes, as well as local care facilities, and use the following principles as our guide.

Our Principles:
UHN values pain management.
UHN values a holistic approach to pain assessment and management that includes the patient, family and healthcare team.
All patients are entitled to appropriate pain assessment and management.
UHN values patient satisfaction with the pain management plan.
Effective pain management is a responsibility shared by both the healthcare team and the patient.
Our Standards:
UHN will let patients and their families know what it considers effective pain management.
Patients and families will be told to report pain to the healthcare team.
The presence and intensity of pain will be assessed at regular intervals.
The patient’s self-report of pain will be used as the primary indicator of pain.
A good way to track your pain will be a 0-10 scale. There may be circumstances where the scale is unsuitable.
Clear and consistent documentation will be used to promote ongoing assessment and appropriate pain management.
Once pain medication is requested, an in-patient will receive painkillers promptly.
Ineffective pain management will be reevaluated in a timely manner.
Priority will be given when pain is severe.
Side effects will be managed so they are minimal and acceptable to the patient.
The patient and family will be given information about the pain management plan, including pain medication, possible side effects and what to do after discharge.


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