Multi Organ Transplant Program

"To the nurses, doctors and staff, I would personally like to thank all of you for your help and support before, during and after my transplant." - UHN Patient

Organ transplants are a life-saving treatment for patients with organ failure involving the heart, liver, lung, kidney or pancreas. Tissue transplants are used to repair damage due to defects, burns or trauma.

The transplantation procedure involves the use of donor organs or tissue to replace or repair diseased or damaged organs and tissue. In some cases, part of an organ or tissue (i.e. liver, kidney or lung) can be transferred from a living donor to a recipient. All transplant operations are made possible through the generous act of organ and tissue donation.

Patients often wait several months for a transplant operation because there are more patients who need transplants than there are organ and tissue donors. In Canada, almost 4,000 patients are waiting for organ transplants and about 800 of these patients are in Toronto.

UHN's Transplantation Program
Our internationally renowned Multi Organ Transplant Program serves Toronto, as well as Ontario, Canada and the international community. A talented team of physicians, surgeons, nurses and other allied health professionals makes UHN a leader in transplantation worldwide. With specialists in clinical care, diagnosis, research and support services, our high standard of care rivals any other.

Transplantation Care Areas

Establishing lifelong partnerships with patients
At the heart of the Transplantation program's commitment to excellence is our dedication to the lifelong patient-team relationship. It begins with helping patients manage while they wait for transplantation. It continues as we support them through the transplant procedure and follow their progress with long-term drug therapy. At every stage, patients are the centre of the transplant team. Through education and information, we support patients and their families in making informed decisions about their health care.

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“With innovation and the highest clinical and academic quality for patient care in mind, the transplantation program performs approximately 250 transplants annually, provides follow-up care to over 2500 transplant recipients, and serves as a model for many other transplant centres around the world.” - Dr. Gary Levy, Medical Director, Transplantation

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