Heart-Lung Transplant

Heart-lung transplantation is a life-saving treatment for patients in rare cases where both the heart and lungs heart fail -- the poor functioning of one organ causes damage to the other organ. In many cases, heart-lung transplant patients are already on a waiting list for either a heart or a lung transplant when the transplantation of both organs becomes necessary.

UHN’s Heart-Lung Transplant Care Area
Providing this specialized procedure is our comprehensive team that includes cardiologists, anesthetists, a transplant coordinator, social workers, a psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse, physiotherapists, nutritionists and transplant mentors.

Patients in the heart-lung transplant care area are supported by the transplant team at all stages. First, we assess patients through tests and interviews to find out if a candidate is suitable for a transplant. When this assessment is complete, suitable candidates may decide with the help of their transplant team to go onto to the transplant waiting list. Patients and families are provided with support and education throughout the transplant process to help them prepare for the transplant surgery and recovery process.

After the transplant surgery, patients are monitored for rejection and placed on special medications. Before patients are discharged, they are educated about their medications and post-transplant care. Social workers, psychiatrists and mentors are also available to help patients handle the stress associated with the transplant process.

For more information, visit the Multi-Organ Transplant Program Web site.

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