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In April 1999, The Toronto Hospital officially changed its name to University Health Network. The change was made in an effort to respond to the forces transforming health care, including:

  • the changing demographics of the patients it serves;
  • ongoing advances in biotechnology;
  • the impact of information technology;
  • the growing role of the patient as a partner in health care;
  • and the restructuring of health-care funding.


Image: UHN Umbrella

Each hospital is recognized for excellence in distinct areas of specialization, a long and proud history, a highly committed group of supporters and a highly committed staff. Each hospital retains its identity and base of support. UHN is the name for the overall umbrella organization that supports each of the hospitals. The name reflects the equality of the member hospitals and helps ensure people do not confuse one part of the organization with another.

The phrase "Health Network" signals that as a whole we are much greater than the sum of our parts. This choice reflects the fact that "health" means much more. The word "University" represents our primary commitment to research and teaching, as well as our affiliation with the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine.

We chose "Network" because the word expresses our members' independence, interdependence and interactivity. Our network is patient-centred: our resources focus on the patient, resulting in highly responsive, effective and streamlined care. In addition, any potential new members to UHN might not only be hospitals, but also clinics or other services.

Rooted in tradition and excellence and structured to meet the new realities, University Health Network is poised to play an enhanced leadership role in the transformation of health care.





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