Visual Identity

The University Health Network (UHN) represents the coming together of shared values and diverse expertise in patient care, research and teaching. Each of our facilities (Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital) makes a unique contribution to the whole. Together, we create something far greater than the sum of our parts.

Our Logo
Our visual identity reflects this interconnection. The three leaves in our graphic signature represent our three hospitals as well as our three primary commitments — patient care, research and teaching. Together, the leaves link to form a circle of continuity, cooperation and completion.

Upon closer examination, the outline of the leaves form faces that transcend cultural boundaries.The faces can be interpreted as young, old, male, or female,representing,our patient-centred focus.

Our Colours
Blue has always been a traditional colour of our hospitals. Gold holds symbolic qualities--as a symbol of rising above challenges, a winning attitude and a continuation of excellence in medical science.

Our Name
"University" reflects our primary commitment to research and teaching, as well as our affiliation with the University of Toronto Medical School. In addition, Toronto's University Avenue is the location of our Network's administrative hub as well as two of our three hospitals.

The phrase "Health Network" reflects our understanding that health means much more than "hospital." "Network" also reflects each partner's independence, interdependence and interactivity.

"University Health Network" represents a collective identity. This title gives us the flexibility to tie our organization together as a whole, while acknowledging each unique hospital's culture, tradition and programs.

Founded on tradition and excellence, and poised to meet new challenges and realities, University Health Network weaves together talents and resources which make us a global leader in health care, research and education.

For more detailed information about our identity, view our Brand Guide.

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