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Wilson Centre helps make medical history


Research in Education at UHN has been given the opportunity to make medical history by playing a key role in the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada's (AFMC) Future of Medical Education in Canada project.

The initiative is a modern-day follow-up to the seminal 1910 Flexner Report, which graded North American medical education on entrance requirements, size, funding, lab quality, and the relationship between schools and associated hospitals.

One hundred years later, the AFMC is bringing together key stakeholders, such as the Wilson Centre, to review the current status of medical education in Canada. The Future of Medical Education in Canada project will closely examine challenges in medical education, such as competency-based curriculum versus time-based curriculum, as well as societal changes, like the use of simulation and technology in education and shifts in learning methods.

"Over the past hundred years since the Flexner report, many things have changed in the context and practice of medicine," says Dr. Brian Hodges, Director of the Wilson Centre. "We hope this review will help the AFMC develop a big picture vision of where medical education should go in coming decades."

The Wilson Centre's contribution to this project, the environmental scan, is called Great Challenges in Medical Education. The Centre is collaborating with the University of Montréal's Centre de pédagogie appliqué aux sciences de la santé, who will conduct the review in French. The environmental scan includes a literature review, interviews with key medical stakeholders across Canada, and a synthesis report.

The environmental scan will help develop a national vision of the Canadian medical education system and goals and objectives necessary to achieve that vision. Results from the environmental scan will be integrated with data collected from various other project panels and activities to comprise our synthesis report.

“We hope this environmental scan will lay the foundation for an ongoing process that will ensure that the curriculum in Canadian faculties of medicine is well aligned with societal needs,” says Sandy Parker, Project Manager at the Wilson Centre.

* Originally published in the UHN News

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