When you shop online at Indigo.ca through UHN.ca/indigo for books, music, DVDs, toys, gifts - a significant portion* of the proceeds from your purchases will be donated by Indigo for Patient Education at University Health Network hospitals and, through the UHN website, to anyone who visits for health information.

* UHN will receive 8.5% of your online book, music, DVD purchases and 6% of your online toy purchases ( before tax and shipping charges ). Please note - purchases of used books and iPods are not included in the program.

There is no incremental cost to you - but the benefits to patients, families and Canadians facing illness are immense. Please click here for full details about this program.

The goal of this alliance between University Health Network and Indigo is to help Canadians make better and informed choices about their overall health and their health care.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click on the “Go to indigo.ca” on the right hand side of this page
2. You will then enter a transition page, if you click on “Yes” you will enter indigo.ca and you can begin purchasing books and other items.

Remember to “bookmark” this page in your “Favourites” list for future online shopping!

For further information about this program please click here.

To find out more about the University Health Network, please click here.

For information about Patient Education at UHN, please click here.


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