"Researchers, trainees and technical staff work to understand and prevent disease, speed diagnosis, develop more effective treatments and improve the quality of lives."
- Christopher J. Paige, Vice President, Research

The accelerated pace of scientific discovery makes medical research an exciting place to be. Researchers at University Health Network are a part of this excitement. As recently as the past year, researchers at UHN have made important advances against cancer, malaria, eating disorders, heart disease and Parkinson's disease.

Among the finest in Canada, our researchers work at UHN's research institutes:

Striving for global impact in biomedical & health-care research
Approximately 2,500 scientists, technical staff, students and trainees at University Health Network are working together to solve fundamental and applied research problems. As our strategic document The Future Project explains, much of our research is organized in four priority platforms:

  • Genes, Proteins and People
  • Medical Technology Innovation
  • Health Informatics
  • Regenerative Medicine

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Key Statistics
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  • $115M in external funding
  • $155M in total funding
  • 468 researchers
  • 770 trainees
  • 996 staff
  • 1,293 total publications
  • UHN World Firsts

For more information on Research at UHN, visit our Web site. To obtain a copy of the current Research Report, please contact the Research Business Development Office at (416) 946-2000 ext. 4508.


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