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Clinical research is an important aspect of our clinical programs at UHN. All of the treatments using drugs, devices and other technologies that we provide to patients have been evaluated at one time through clinical trials. Clinical trials are an important treatment option to consider when making decisions about your care.

This Web site provides general information to questions you might have on UHN clinical trials. Later this year, the site will feature a list of clinical trials and studies available across our seven major programs at UHN, including:

Surgical and Critical Care
Advanced organ-based diseases
Medical conditions involving digestive system, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas or diabetic disorders, urinary, infectious disease. It also includes services such as anesthesia, surgery, radiology or diagnostic testing.
Medical and Community Care
Groups with emerging health needs
Health needs shared within the community such as for children and adolescents, seniors, women, families, community or those suffering with mental health disorders or addiction.
Peter Munk Cardiac Centre
Heart and circulation conditions
Medical conditions of the heart, blood vessels, tests for diagnosing cardiac disorders and disease, adn surgery of the heart or blood vessels.
Musculoskeletal Health & Arthritis
The structure and function of bones, muscles and skin
Conditions of the bones, muscles and skin such as arthritis or rheumatology, hand trauma and diseases, rehabilitation and sports medicine as well as clinical trials for plastic or orthopedic surgery.
Krembil Neurosciences Centre
The nervous system and its sensory and motor output
Head, neck, ears, nose, throat, brain epilepsy, neuro-degenerative diseases, neuromuscular diseases, eyes, pain, balance, as well as clinical trials fro surgery involving the brain, nerves, spine or eye.
Princess Margaret Hospital Cancer Program
Cancer and blood disorder services
Cancer and other blood conditions such as blood clotting and hereditary abnormalities such as thalassemia or sickle cell anemia.
Organ failure
Organs and tissues transplant for heart, heart-lung, kidney, pancreas-kidney, liver, lung, microsurgical repair, pancreas, small bowel or tissue used to repair damage due to defects, burns or trauma.

How can I enroll in a clinical trial?
In order to take part in a clinical trial at University Health Network, you need to have a referral from your physician. When you meet with a UHN Physician, ask about specific trials that deal with your medical condition.

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