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The Centre for Research in Education

The Centre for Research in Education (CRE) is a unique facility among North American health professions schools, because of its size, location and productivity. Its total staff compliment exceeds 160, including cross-appointed faculty and support staff. The CRE is located at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.The productivity of the CRE is evidenced by the annual output of more than 80 scholarly publications and a host of awards for excellence in research by its individual researchers.

As a university organization, the CRE is dedicated to research with a particular emphasis on improving the quality of future physicians and health care providers. As an academic hospital organization it represents the commitment of University Health Network to foster better education in all of its health professional disciplines, through research. The CRE brings various groups together under one roof: professional educators to conduct research; resident fellows to complete a program of study; and researchers and experts in the training and implementation of standardized patient programs and evaluation. In support of these groups is a highly-sophisticated computer team with state-of-the-art video conferencing technology and media technology.

A key feature of the CRE's activity is the presentation of 10 educational rounds per year, in collaboration with all of the other Ontario Medical Schools. These rounds are focused on major educational issues that are of interest to all hospital and health professions academic faculty. A second key feature is a Master of Education degree program, offered in collaboration with the Higher Education group at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. This program has already graduated over 40 physicians associated with the CRE, with many more continuing towards graduation on a part-time basis.

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