Toronto General Hospital


Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI)

The largest of the three institutes under the UHN umbrella, the Toronto General Research Institute is the research arm of the Toronto General Hospital.

Toronto General Hospital is well-known for its excellent clinical care, and ground-breaking research efforts underlie our surgical and medical innovations. TGRI's research program, "Biomechanisms of Disease," encompasses research in cardiology, transplantation, immunology and autoimmunity, infectious diseases, tissue injury and diabetes. Building upon this work, scientists are able to develop improved methods of treatment and cure.

Organ transplants, cardiac pacemakers, novel therapies for endocrine and autoimmune disorders—all are based upon research carried out in TGRI laboratories and clinics.

Total Number of Researchers 198
Senior Scientists 70
Scientists 25
Affiliate Scientists 29
CSRC Members 75
Total Number of Trainees 291
Fellows 159
PhD Students 25
Graduate Students 107
Staff 422
Square Footage 153,000
Publications 596
Total Funding $45,700,000


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