Research Ethics Board

Participating in Research Studies at UHN

How am I Protected?
At University Health Network, there are people and processes in place to promote your rights and support you as you support us in this research.

One of these processes is the Research Ethics Board (REB). The REB's job is to ensure that research involving our patients meets the highest standards of ethical conduct and scientific value. Research projects involving people cannot begin until the REB approves them.

What is a Consent Form?
When you are asked to participate in research, you will be given a "consent form." The REB has approved this form. Reading the consent form is only one part of the process in considering participating in a research trial.

You should understand the consent form before you sign it. It should contain information that answers the following questions:

Who will be responsible for my care in the study?
Exactly what procedures are part of the study?
What, if any, are the risks related to my being in the study?
If the study involves medication, exactly how do I take it?
What are my alternatives to participating in the research?
Who can I call for support?
What measures are being taken to ensure the confidentiality of my involvement?
Will I have to pay for anything?

It will be helpful for you to keep a copy of your consent form for your future references. The form provides valuable information that you may want to refer to as the study progresses.


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